We’ve refreshed TrueCourse’s brand!

It’s been a few months now, and we’re delighted with our brand refresh. In this post, we’ll share a behind-the-scenes look at how we made it happen, plus some before and after visuals of the full transformation.


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1. How did we know it was time for a refresh?


B2B companies like ours should expect to refresh their branding every few years to reflect changes in their market positioning, value proposition, or offerings.


We knew TrueCourse was due for a brand refresh after the changes we’ve made over the past few years to better meet the marketing needs of our clients. They rely on us to support their:
  • technical product and service offerings,
  • rapid growth objectives, and/or
  • long sales cycles.


TrueCourse’s brand and messaging needed to be updated to reflect the value we offer our B2B clients as their full-service marketing partner. And since we were celebrating 15 years in business in 2022, this was the perfect time to update our logo, colours, and look & feel.

So we set out to refresh our brand to better reflect who we are today and where the company is going.


2. What was our first step in the process?


Brand strategy, including Discovery and recommendations, is the essential starting point for making brand changes that drive business.


Having our core team at the strategy table was key. Branding is business critical. Involving the team ensured changes to TrueCourse’s branding moved the business as well as the refresh forward in the right direction.


We started by running our Executive and business development team through our brand strategy process – in this case, we acted like our own “client” – to collect the key strategic elements of TrueCourse’s business, brand, and goals for the future. Then, we updated our brand strategy document to reflect our evolution over the years. This included updates and refinements to our core company values, target audiences, differentiators, value proposition, and voice & tone.

TrueCourse’s updated brand strategy is bolder and more focused. It articulates our commitment to providing marketing expertise and support to a growing clientele of local and global B2B companies.



3. What was the rest of the process?


The rest of the process involved executing on the strategy, bringing the refreshed brand to life.


Our strategy team briefed our creative team, sharing the brand strategy and recommendations and providing creative direction.


Our designers then provided options for TrueCourse’s updated visual identity (including logo, colours, font, and look & feel), and the team selected the one we felt best expressed the company’s new positioning and strategic direction.




Then, our writers went to work updating our messaging, including our voice, tone, and content. Finally, it was time to begin rolling out the full brand refresh across all of TrueCourse’s channels.


4. What are the results?


For a company to start to see ROI from a brand refresh, the target audiences need to become familiar with the updated brand. This requires a deliberate and consistent effort in making a clear separation between the old and new branding on channels that will have the most visibility.


TrueCourse’s new messaging, logo, colours, typography, and look & feel have been updated across all of our brand assets, including on our:
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Email signatures
  • Letterhead
  • PowerPoint Decks & Reports
  • Proposals



The brand refresh has also included revitalizing our own marketing, giving it new energy and focus. We’re working to consistently provide new, relevant content across more channels. This way, our audiences have the opportunity to see our new branding more often.

5. Takeaways


Brand refreshes aren’t just about a new logo or colour palette.


They’re about reflecting the evolution of a company, its market positioning, and its value proposition to prospective clients.


Brand refreshes are also good for internal teams, creating renewed energy and purpose.


That is what our brand refresh achieved for TrueCourse, and it’s what a brand refresh can achieve for you.



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