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As a business owner, you know you need a marketing strategy, but what does an effective marketing strategy consist of, and how do you create one which will impact your financial performance? This is where TrueCourse comes in. Our senior strategists are entrepreneurs who know first-hand the power of a sound marketing strategy. You wouldn’t throw up a building without first taking the time to plan and dig foundations. The same is true of your business; your marketing strategy is your foundation.

Our marketing experts bring their deep and wide-ranging business expertise to connect your short-term needs with your long-term vision. The result is a marketing strategy which aligns with your business objectives and impacts your bottom line. Whether you’re looking at go-to-market or market penetration, our tried and tested process takes an integrated approach to your business, considering each tool of omni-channel marketing as we build the right marketing plan for your needs. Our strategists become an extension of your team, providing analysis and guidance every step of the way, with support for one-off projects, as well as Strategic Marketing Advisory Services and Virtual CMO.

Return on

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy


  • Brand Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy


  • Marketing Plan
  • Campaign Development

“I am so pleased with the excellent work you are doing for us and see you are massively moving our business and culture to the next level. Thank you.”

Giles Peeters

Chief Operating Officer

NORTAC Defence

I enjoy working closely with clients and seeing the impact of our efforts on the whole business unfold as we work collaboratively with them on a Marketing Strategy. When an organization or company has a clear Marketing Strategy which makes sense for their goals, their market and ultimately, their customers – every decision flows from the strategy and results in a productive and good return on their marketing efforts and investment.

Veronica Farmer (BAH, Executive MBA)

Chief Navigator & Marketing Strategist


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