Annemarie has worked as a professional photographer across Canada since 1990. Professionally trained and critically acclaimed, she is currently based in the Ottawa Gatineau region.

Annemarie graduated from the prominent Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, acclamation’s came shortly there after via solo exhibitions, magazine editorials and international photo competitions. Her corporate background from Calgary days is what has led her into her unique abilities to capture personalities and unique moments in time no matter the age or rank or scenario. Ottawa has offered just as diverse a clientele to include CBC, Tomlinson, the Royal Canadian Mint, Transport Canada, the Nature Museum, City of Ottawa, and many others. Annemarie first began creating images with TrueCourse team in 2011.

Photography to Annemarie is a medium she fell in love with to create images. Digital camera’s, memory cards, computers and Adobe has replaced her darkroom and revolutionized her cameras. She’s embraced technology and is totally loving her digital camera’s, dry darkroom and all the imaging that can be created. When Annemarie isn’t on a shoot she can be found at; the gym, dog-walking, out for an adventurous trek with a camera in hand or sometimes all of the above.

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