Together WE Can Change the World

Together WE can change the world. For those who are not aware, WE Day is an extraordinary event structured to empower and encourage youth in making a difference. The mission has a simple purpose, to empower young people to change the world. The celebration depicts stories of compassion, bravery and strength with positive vibes that quickly spread from the speakers and throughout the audience. With energy, laughter, and tears this event quickly pulls you out from the distractions of the everyday hustle and sends you into an atmosphere of support and excitement for change. As an adult, you would know that there was something to be said for the attitudes of pride and dedicated action behind each student. As the program progressed, the power of each message and the reactions of the attendees never failed to set an example of what community should feel like.


Throughout the event, several opportunities to learn more about how to offer support through a variety of different initiatives lead us to the discovery of Free the Children. This chapter of WE Day is a global effort, where the power of WE is harnessed to assist in developing communities. The development model which supports sustainable international development is broken down into five pillars; Education, Clean Water & Sanitation, Health, Agriculture & Food Security, Alternative Income & Livelihood. Of these foundations, each make a lasting impact in transforming communities through solutions that will break the cycle of poverty.


Our WE Day experience was so positive we couldn’t help but join in on the fun. This holiday season TrueCourse is donating to WE Day’s Alternative Income and Livelihood Program! This part of the Free the Children Foundation focuses on supporting families and communities by investing in their education and basic health. Often Mothers or parents are taught skills to generate income and accumulate a savings.


This is where the goats come in – on behalf of our clients, 10 local dairy goats from the community will be purchased as a source of nutritious milk and income. As part of the Free the Children model, the goats are not donated with the intention of ‘charity’. The goats are provided along with an educational package that includes lessons on animal husbandry such as proper goat rearing practices, milk production, as well as business skills like financial literacy. Rounded to be a complete package in order to target sustainability, women and mothers will have the tools to prosper and grow a perpetual return for years to come. This year, as it is a milestone anniversary for WE Day initiatives, all donations to the program are being matched! This means because TrueCourse was able to give 10 goats, a total of 20 will be received!


We could not be more pleased to share this experience with our clients and followers – it feels so great to know we are about to make a difference!

For more information on how you can contribute to WE Day’s Free the Children Program visit

From all of us here at TrueCourse, we wish you the happiest of holidays, and thank you for all of your support throughout this year. See you in 2016!


Feature photo is credited to Annemarie Gruden Photography.