Business Development Manager

With over 10 years in Sales, Customer Relations, Business Development and Marketing, Melissa Nihmey is no stranger to building strong, long lasting customer relationships based on integrity and trust. With sharp instincts and spirited intuition, she has an ability to dive right into the heart of a customer’s needs and requirements.

Since Melissa was a little girl, she had a knack for business. Growing up in her parent’s cafés she learned early on the importance of good listening skills and customer service. Watching her Dad flip eggs on the grill just the way the customer liked them while talking to his customers with a smile ear to ear, Melissa observed the power that a strong customer engagement provided. She also learned what a “regular” customer was and the importance of repeat clients.

Fast forwarding, Melissa never lost sight of where she came from and the business fundamentals she learned when she was a kid. In her early 20’s, she gained a variety of knowledge in the car industry as she spent nearly 3 years selling premium vehicles in a male dominated industry-where she certainly held her own.

After going back to school at 25, Melissa gained a Marketing diploma-honours status- and quickly landed a Business Manager position for a rising software company in Ottawa called Valydate, Inc. Melissa spent over 4 years managing Valydate’s sales organization throughout Canada and the US. She built and nurtured Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients in the Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defense, Consumer Electronics and Medical Equipment space. She was instrumental in building Valydate’s client base while maintaining solid relationships with partners and external sales representatives.

When Melissa isn’t working, she is found training at her gym, watching stand-up comedy, and hanging out with her family. She spends as much time as she can with her best girlfriends and their babies – she loves being an auntie!

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