Remarketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Remarketing (a.k.a. retargeting) is a marketing tactic that involves targeting website visitors after they have left your website. It gives you a second chance to convert your website visitors into customers! Remarketing ads are personalized based on your audience’s previous web history rather than their user profile. This proves to be more effective as ads are shown only to potential buyers that have already expressed interest- rather than a broad audience that might fit your target demographic.

Remarketing works through a cookie-based technology. Cookies are small text files that are sent from a website to the user’s web browser. Most users accept them as they enhance the browsing experience. They can help users navigate efficiently and also store preferences and credentials. Remarketing is set up by incorporating a JavaScript code into the targeted website pages. Your website will then drop a browser cookie to your website visitors and signal your remarketing ad service provider to deliver an ad from your website when they visit another site.

The Different Types of Remarketing:

  • Site Remarketing- this form of remarketing displays after the individual leaves your site
  • Search Remarketing- this type of remarketing targets users that are searching specific keyword/phrase queries
  • Social Media Remarketing- this form of remarketing focuses on displaying remarketed ads on social networks
  • Email Remarketing- this type of remarketing involves contextual ads based on the individual’s email content

Remarketing has a secure place in any modern marketer’s toolkit of tactics. It simply makes sense to direct marketing dollars to potential buyers that have already demonstrated some degree of interest.

The Reasons to Remarket:

  • Precise Targeting- you are reaching individuals that are more likely to buy from you.
  • Lifted Conversion Rates- you are marketing to an audience that has already expressed interest and this subtle guidance just might be the push they need.
  • Improved ROI- you are able to measure and attribute conversions and activities through dashboards and analytics. This intel allows you to take precise actions that lead to results.
  • Cost-Effective Branding- you are able to manage your budget with ease. You can customize your ad bids based on the budget you have allocated for your remarketing campaigns.
  • Reduced Cost per Impression- you have large-scale reach as you have access to more than 2 million websites and mobile applications that are part of the Google Display Network.
  • Increased brand awareness- your audience is constantly exposed to your brand ads and this is likely to put your brand front of mind for your audience
  • Ad control- you are able to manipulate your text, image, and video ads easily, as well as, having visibility over where your ads are appearing and what you are paying.

Remarketing entails contracting a remarketing ad service provider and creating an effective online strategy. TrueCourse Communications has a team of digital marketing experts that can navigate and make sense of the online marketplace for you.