Part Two – LinkedIn Prospecting Tips

  • Connect at every opportunity – Send connection requests after meetings with prospective clients and whenever you have business interactions.
  • Connect using a personalized approach – If you find someone on LinkedIn you would like to connect with, use a personalized approach and give context to the e-mail you send. Avoid sending the standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” automated e-mail. Let them know who you are and why you would like to connect.
  • Request an introduction to someone you’re not connected to – You can request an introduction to a 2nd-degree connection from a connection you both have in common. You are more likely to receive an introduction if you explain why you’d like to connect with their contact. Visit the profile of the 2nd-degree connection you want to connect with, click the triangular drop-down arrow near the top of their profile, select “Get Introduced”, choose which shared connection you’d like to request the introduction from.
  • Gain access to new LinkedIn members who may be good connections through LinkedIn Groups – If you are not connected with someone but are both members of the same group, you can send them an in-mail message. Otherwise, you can only send messages to your connections.
  • Conduct advanced searches – Target and research potential prospects through LinkedIn’s advanced searches. Search based on targeted keywords, key company functions, seniority and more. Also, conduct advanced searches within industry groups to target prospects. Group members can view other member’s full profiles if they are both in the same group (without being connected). Join more groups to enable more messaging and profile viewership capabilities.