Part One – LinkedIn Usage Best Practices

Follow these best practices to successfully use LinkedIn:

  • Add enough connections – The more connections you have, the more LinkedIn search results you will appear in and more of a chance that your customers and partners will find your profile.
  • Add keywords to your profile – Put yourself in the mind of people by whom you want to be found and think about what keyword searches they would perform to find you. Use words that describe your expertise and industry.
  • Be responsible for what you write and share – Exercise good judgment and common sense before sharing or writing a social media post. Once you share something on the internet it can be extremely difficult to have it permanently removed. Read anything you are linking to thoroughly, do not post copyrighted content without permission and never post confidential company information.
  • Only share high quality content – this was previously mentioned but is very important. What you share on LinkedIn can reflect on your professional reputation and your companies. Be conscious and aware of what you’re sharing – Before sharing an update with your contacts be sure to thoroughly read the article/ news item and be watchful of untrustworthy content sources. Also note that LinkedIn is not the platform for sharing personal updates such as what you had for lunch.