Online Lead Generation

Leads leads leads

These days there is plenty of online encouragement reminding you that the key to success is to attain more leads. But if we recall, there is and always has been cost involved in gaining leads. This is not to deter from its importance, because yes – it is key; there is great value and potential associated with utilizing content marketing, advertising, SEO (search engine optimization) and adwords. Without these costs you are stranded, unable to reach your targeted audience. There would be no online lead generation at all. However, to unlock the ‘key to success’ with leads online, perhaps the question is; are you closing the loop on leads?

Closing the loop on leads

Closing the loop on a lead is equally as important as gaining online leads in the first place, and it will make you money rather that spend it! Ask yourself where you are you going astray in your process. If you are encouraging yourself to push for more free leads online or other online lead generation like SEO and content marketing, but your closing rate isn’t great – you have an issue. Don’t worry, it’s a misconception many of us make, as keeping busy automatically makes us feel like we are successful, but if you dig deeper you will see the room for improvement is wide. Instead of fixating on gaining more leads that may be thrown to the wind, also direct your focus on closing what leads you do have.

Closing on the leads you do have, obviously sounds much more simple than it actually is. Leads will need determined as a full prospect (seriously interested, prepared and capable to purchase). If this is the case and the lead does attain those qualities, yet the sale is not made, either you are not as savvy a salesman as you once thought, or the problem remains with lead generation. Do not miss interpret, this still does not mean that you need more leads, but perhaps that the online lead generation strategy needs to be evaluated.

Online lead generation

Fine tuning how to get leads online will help to improve finally closing sales leads. By properly executing strategic SEO/SEM, content marketing, and advertising the job of the salesman just became much more comfortable. Currently consumers shop via research, which means before they are even willing to pick up the phone; they will do their due diligence on the industry and product/service they are in search of. If you are doing your part in sharing strategic content with your targeted audience, the likelihood of an online lead who is genuinely interested in purchasing should be higher, thus your closing rate opportunity will increase. The more informed the online lead is before point of contact, the less complex closing will become.

Test your strategy

Getting off the ground may take some time and evaluation. Consider the opportunity to investigate and test SEO strategies as struggling to close may end up costing you money. This also applies if the industry is shifting. If you notice your closing rate or lead rate has lowered, perhaps it is time to assess the current process and repair where things are dropping off. Adjusting the SEO and marketing strategy will not only draw up interest with the right leads, it will also generate more traffic to your website, social media pages etc. which will in turn improve the ease of closing.

The point is, take a look at your process from several angles (and if you need a hand, give us a call) but please avoid getting tangled up in the thought that you ‘just need more leads’.