Influencer Marketing: What Can It Do For Your Brand?

Influencer marketing has been in the spotlight for strong marketing trends the past year. It is a form of marketing that focuses on targeting key individuals or brands rather than the entire target market.

In a world where consumers are increasingly distrusting of advertisements and corporate messages, influencer marketing offers a refreshing escape. The bombardment of competing, contrived marketer messages only serves to amplify consumer cynicism. In contrast, recommendations from influencers appear to be more credible and authentic – they don’t come off as messages spearheaded by big corporate agendas.

The market influence often stems from recognized expertise, popularity, or reputation. Influencers are often bloggers, customers, industry experts, thought leaders, or consultants. It is similar to word-of-mouth marketing but is not as restricted to recommendations. The perceived honesty of influencers is what makes this type of marketing thrive! Now, consumers are looking to fellow consumers for guidance in their purchasing decisions. The idea behind engaging influencers is that they appear to be independent brand ambassadors and their audiences trust their reviews. The hope is that they speak favourably about your product and that their reputations are credible enough that their opinions influence their audiences.

What ‘the influencer’ can do for your brand:

  • Increase brand awareness- influencers can introduce your brand and products to new audiences as well as heighten your brands visibility to existing audiences
  • Grow social media following- they can assist in developing social followings through content and giveaways.
  • Build consumer trust- these endorsements seem more reliable and authentic than ones coming directly from the brands.
  • Elevate sales- the reviews or endorsements can boost sales conversions. An eMarketer study has shown that they can boost conversions by up to a factor of 10. 
  • Provide Education- they can provide helpful usage tutorials that simplify your product/service in the eyes of the audience.
  • Offer SEO advantages- the search engine rating of your website should rise as popular sites link back to it.
  • Manage reputation- influencers can deflect or reverse negative opinions and boost positive opinions.

Influencer marketing is one marketing trend that is here to stay. Is your company ready to join the 65% of brands already incorporating influencer marketing in their strategy?