“Content is King” in Digital Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the heavyweight contender in a modern digital marketing strategy. It is a strategic marketing approach centered on developing and distributing valuable and relevant content to the target audience. It is an ongoing process with the end goal of driving consumer action. Simply put, it is the craft of communicating with your customers and prospects without implicit selling. It is not an endless pitch or an attempt to subliminally drop mention of your offering. The premise is that by providing valuable information to your audience that they will reward you with their business and loyalty. A content marketing program can include: blog posts, infographics, white papers, reports, e-books, cheat sheets, slide decks, videos, webinars, and case studies.

An example of effective content marketing by a tax firm could be a series of blog posts explaining the details involved in various tax return scenarios. The tax firm is not soliciting for business, but rather providing useful information that displays their expertise. This is credible and valuable information that could lead their audience to eventually employ their firm’s services.

What are 10 Benefits of Content Marketing?

Increased brand awareness:

Your brand will continually show up in searches and become front of mind as customers search for the answers to their questions.

Increased brand preference:

Content marketing assists in establishing your brand as a thought leader or industry expert. This perceived expertise is likely to sway customers in your direction when prospecting.

Improved brand reputation:

Customers will think more highly of your brand if they determine that you provide valuable information. In addition, content publications on external sources will solidify their perception of you as an industry thought leader.

Decreased marketing costs:

It is a cost-effective, long-term strategy that offers compounding returns. A library of great content will attract more qualified leads and buyers.

Higher visibility in search engines:

Each post is another page that search engines index. An archive of quality content leads to more opportunities to be ranked for more search queries. The better ranking that the posts have, the higher the visibility of your website.

Higher domain authority:

A mass of quality content will increase the perceived expertise, authority, relevance, and trust of your site. Your website’s domain authority increases further if your content receives inbound links from external sources as a result of this perceived credibility. A higher domain authority correlates with increased organic search visibility.

Increased site traffic:

Hosting quality content on your website will drive more traffic to your website. Consumers want to educate themselves before consulting a sales agent. There are also other opportunities to drive traffic by guest posting to external publications or promoting your content on social media.

Increased likelihood of conversion:

You will build a rapport with your audience by engaging, informing, and helping them with your content. Your customers are thus more likely to consider you when they are ready to convert.

Stronger customer relationships:

Excellent content increases the loyalty and closeness of your client relationships. Content writing provides an opportunity to “humanise” your brand and allows you to develop a more personal relationship with your customers.

Increased on-site content:

This commitment to content marketing indubitably means that there will be more content on your website. On-site content is necessary for SEO as well as providing a reason for your customers to visit your website.

Is Content Marketing the Future of Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is the future of digital marketing as much as the present of digital marketing. It plays a vital role in an integrated marketing strategy. Content marketing is not just the marketing buzzword with blue-chip corporations, like P&G or Apple, but a strategy implemented by small agencies and one-man shops everywhere. Modern marketers understand that the foundation of this marketing approach is built on meaningful content that resonate with audiences. It is an art form based on communicating with audiences and creating genuine relationships. Let TrueCourse help you implement a content marketing strategy today and begin to reap the benefits!